Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The KA Board was organized in 1954. For over 60 years, members of the Knollwood community have worked together to ensure and protect the strong community spirit that defines our neighborhood. The KA Board of Directors is usually made up of sixteen residents. Each member is a representative for an area within our community. You can find out which member represents your area by looking at our neighborhood area map.  You can read our neighborhood bylaws and learn about how we operate.

The Board meets at 7:00 pm on the forth Thursday of the month at the First Lutheran Church on East Burke Ave.. Our residents are encouraged to bring ideas or concerns to the monthly meetings, or by contacting their area representative or Board President. You can contact the Board President at



David Riley
KA President
Troy Zarcone
KA Vice President
Carolyn Williams
KA Treasurer
Jo Marvan
KA Financial Secretary
Sandra Ortwein
KA Recording Secretary


Area Representatives

Erik Cloyd
Area A
Neil Dubovsky
Area B
Julia Cole
Area C
Barbara Eckley
Area D
David Myers
Area E
Charlene Heaberlin
Area F
Pat France
Area G
Ellen Libao
Area H
Sara Barber
Area I
Dan Kreitman
Area J
Troy Zarcone
Area K
Sandra Ortwein
Area L
Carolyn Williams
Area M
Evera Rutledge-Smith
Area N
Lisa Shealey
Area O
Jo Marvan
Area P
Pat Jakelski
Dana Metzger
Michael Menichino
Rick Wallace