Citizens on Patrol (COP)

Citizens on Patrol (COP)


Dave Riddle KDCOP

David Riddle on COP Patrol on Knollwood Road


Pat France drives in National Night Out motorcade representing KD with Towson Area Citizens On Patrol

YES, you can be a Citizens On Patrol! Knollwood Donnybrook started officially patrolling in 1995 when Frank Wigley and Pat France began our KDCOP program. Patrollers patrol not only Knollwood Donnybrook but we also patrol the surrounding neighborhoods: Fellowship Forest, Greenbrier, Overbrook, Towson High School property and Aigburth Vale Manor property. Patrollers can patrol as much or as little as they have time for. You can patrol anytime convenient for you.


After patrolling, just email Pat France to let her know you were out and what you found, if anything. If something is suspicious “SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING” . Always carry your charged cell phone and never hesitate to call 911. The Baltimore County Police would rather find nothing rather than have you see something you thought looked wrong, and did not call. Remember, your tax dollars are at work when you call 911 operators, so don’t feel you are “bothering them”. And never think somebody else will call.


Dog Walker Watch


Citizens On Patrol now has a program called “Dog Walker Watch”. When you are out walking your dog all hours of the day and night in all kinds of weather, take your cell phone and again, don’t hesitate to call 911. NEVER GET INVOLVED, let the police handle the situation.
COP is effective and valuable to the Police. Captain Jay Landsman, Commander of Towson Precinct Six voices his support often. He supports us 100%. David Marks, our 5th District County Councilman also supports us 100%. Jim Johnson, Baltimore County Police Chief, supports us 100%. COP is the EYES AND EARS OF THE POLICE. They want us to get out there and patrol. What better endorsements can we have?


Towson Area COP


KDCOP is a member of Towson Area Citizens On Patrol (TACOP) which is an umbrella organization of 25 Towson neighborhoods with active COP Programs. TACOP has an event preceding FEET ON THE STREET in June called the RALLY AGAINST CRIME.


KD COP also participates in the National Night Out Motorcade each first Tuesday of August. This motorcade (including police vehicles, patroller’s cars and Providence Vol Fire engines with sirens) snakes through every one of the 25 neighborhoods in Towson who have COP programs, including Knollwood Donnybrook.


KD COP also participates with TACOP’s Mischief Night Patrol, held the night before Halloween.


mischief night
You too can participate in all this fun!

For information on COP Program, please contact, Pat France, KDCOP Director/VP TACOP, 410-828-5564 or