ka-ladiesThis is a great time to be living in Towson with many opportunities for civic involvement.  If you want to make a difference in both Knollwood and Greater Towson, consider joining one of our Committees that tackle an issue that you feel passionate about.


Committee:  Audit
Chairperson:  Troy Zarcone
Mission:  The Audit Committee performs an audit each year of the board’s financial records.


Committee:  Events
Chairperson:  David Riley
Mission:  The Events Committee identifies, plans, and manages KA events throughout the year.  These events include our Annual Meeting, Summer Block Parties, Haunted Knollwood, and Santa’s Arrival.


Committee:  Budget and Finance
Chairperson:  Carolyn Williams
Mission:  The Budget and Finance Committee formulates and monitors the KA budget throughout the year.


Committee:  Green and Clean
Chairperson:  Troy Zarcone
Mission:  The Green and Clean Committee identifies and manages opportunities to preserve the environmental balance in the Knollwood community.  The Committee also maintains the common areas (median strips) and supports our annual Spring Tree Planting and Fall Cleanup initiatives.


Committee:  Lean and Healthy
Chairperson:  Julia Cole
Mission: The Lean and Healthy Committee creates and manages opportunities that keep our community healthy and active. These include our first 5K race and numerous charity initiatives.


Committee: Communications
Chairperson: Julia Cole
Mission: Communications Committee develops, manages and maintains the communication strategies to the Knollwood community. These include the Knollwood website and Facebook presence, the Directory, the Newsletter, and our emails to the community.


Committee: Education
Chairperson: Dana Metzger
Mission: Communications Committee develops, manages and maintains the communication strategies to the Baltimore County education establishment.


In addition to Committees, the KA board also has members serving as part of many of Towson’s civic organizations and institutions.


Organization: Police and Community Relations Council
POC: Pat France


Organization: Chamber of Commerce
POC: David Riley


Organization: Greater Towson Council of Community Associations (GTCCA)
POC: Jo Marvin


Organization: Towson University
POC: David Riley


Organization: Citizens on Patrol (COP)
POC: Pat France