Keeping Knollwood Green & Safe

Even though Knollwood is a stone’s throw from downtown Towson, we still pride ourselves on protecting our Green Spaces. Part of our community is even a Certified NWF (National Wildlife Federation) Wildlife Habitat. Stream clean ups and shade tree plantings are yearly events.


Recycling and Trash information
Recycling and trash days vary around our community. Refer to the county website and enter your mailing address for your own Trash and Recycling schedule. You can also print out a yearly calendar listing the dates for these, yard waste and holiday tree collection. See:

recyclingPlace containers out early (by 5:00AM) as collection can occur by 5:30AM. The containers may not be filled with a weight more than 40 pounds, max capacity of 34 gallons and cannot have a lid fastened to it. Recycling is single stream and boxes should be flattened. Yard waste is picked up every other Monday but not all year long. Yard waste is collected in bags (preferably paper) or bundled. Bundles must not weigh more than 30 pounds and cannot exceed three inches in diameter or three feet in length.


Knollwood is Cooler Campaign

In 2016, the Knollwood community partnered with Blue Water Baltimore to purchase over 30 shade trees. The spring and fall plantings were part of the “Knollwood is Cooler” campaign to promote and expand the number of shade trees in the community.


Knollwood Residents To Be Part of County “Green” Taskforce

We are honored to announce that Knollwood residents Steve Alper and Lauren Stranahan have been chosen to be part of a citizen taskforce to develop recommendations to protect the Herring Run Watershed. The Watershed forms a large portion of Knollwood’s western boundary and is a crucial natural resource for the Greater Towson community. The citizen taskforce was recently established by Councilman David Marks and will begin work this summer.


Safety & Security

Please keep our community safe by taking the following simple steps:

  • Keep a front and back porch light on at night. Unwanted visitors prefer dark properties.
  • Call 911 if you see suspicious people or activity. Good neighbors watch out for each other.
  • Remove valuables and keys from vehicles and keep your house, car and shed/garage locked.


Property Maintenance

The Knollwood Community is predominantly made up of single-family homes.  Maintenance of the outside of the houses is important to everyone.

  • couplePlease keep the lawn maintained, the walkways clear of debris, and trashcans covered to discourage pests.
  • Responsibility for shoveling snow from the sidewalk in front and/or alongside your house is the resident’s responsibility and should be completed within 24 hours per Baltimore County Code.
  • If you are a renter, please alert your landlord as soon as possible if there are any structural problems or lawn issues that need attention.
  • Sidewalks, pedestrian pathways, and driveway aprons within the Baltimore County right-of-way are the responsibility of each respective property owner. All sidewalks, pathways and driveway aprons must be maintained in a safe condition, free from obstructions and tripping hazards as defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act. Contact the Baltimore County Department of Public Works for more contact information.


Absentee Landlords and Student Renters

If you are an absentee landlord with a property in Knollwood or a college student renting in our community, we want you to know that the Knollwood Association maintains a ZERO TOLERANCE policy regarding practices and behaviors that threaten or degrade our quality of life.

Landlords and tenants will be reported to Baltimore County Code Enforcement if the community believes that more than two unrelated adults are effectively living in a rented property.

Landlords will be reported to Baltimore County Code Enforcement is the property is not maintained. This includes infractions such as lawns being overgrown and trash cans that are uncovered.

Landlords and tenants will be reported to the BCPD for disruptive behavior. A new Baltimore County Social Ordinance sets aside penalties for renters that include fines and community service. Penalties for property owners include fines and revocation of rental license.

Student tenants will be reported to the appropriate University for disciplinary action.